Kulturring Karlsruhe e.V.

Kulturring Karlsruhe e.V. is the union of several cultural facilities in Karlsruhe: With Jazzclub, Jubez, Substage, the Kinemathek, the documentary filmfestival dokka and the Déjà Vu silentfilm-Festival, the Alten Hackerei (SAU e.V.), the KOHI Kulturraum, Kulturhaus Mikado, Nun Kulturraum, die Anstoß e.V., the Studentischen Kulturzentrum am KIT, the Kulturzentren P8, Tempel und Tollhaus as well as the educational Werkraum the facilities reach 350.000 visitors with 2.00 events each year during "non-corona" times. 

The facilities and initiatives of the Kulturring Karlsruhe contribute greatly to the cultural diversity of Karlsruhe.